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Return on Rentals is a virtual event, bringing together property management professionals and industry leaders to discuss tricks and trends to keep your properties at their peak. It’s about information and inspiration with virtual speakers, panels, participant discussion boards, and of course, parties! Property managers, focused on doing more with less and maximizing their profits and peace of mind, are talking about how they’ve used the top tools in the industry to transform their business. 

Brought to you by NoiseAware, the creators of the most anticipated party of the year, are now bringing to you this exciting virtual event. Conferences are canceled, but the chance to connect and learn is not.

Welcome to Return on Rentals

Welcome to the first-ever Return on Rentals Virtual Event! ROR is for YOU. We’re bringing speakers and property managers like you together. And we’re connecting YOU to what you need to know in our industry!


The Future of Rentals by Vrbo

Learn about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the vacation rental traveler mindset, and how you can adapt to the "new normal" and manage changing traveler expectations. This session will present essential strategies for vacation rental owners and property managers to attract today’s travelers based on research and marketplace data insights.

Key Topics:
-Key strategies to prepare for traveler bookings – availability, pricing, content, flexible policies.
-Top opportunities to adapt to the new normal of travel — cleaning amenities, optimizing fees, and other ideas.
-Support and resources on Vrbo to help you grow

Stay Rental Ready to Maximize Your ROR

Mickey Kropf from Vector Travel will be speaking with Michael about they've used a downturn to grow and keep their units Rental Ready. Uncertain times can create massive opportunities.

With people going a bit COVID-Crazy, NoiseAware has seen parties moving to short term rental properties and with them, problems. Recent months have seen an average of 47% increase in Noise Events that are loud enough to bother neighbors and frequently leads to property damage.

By being a good neighbor, plus eliminating time and money spent on noise control, party damage, and missed rentals due to repairs, Michael and Mickey will cover strategic ways to capitalize on your Return on Rentals.

Learn More About NoiseAware

With people going a bit COVID-Crazy, we are seeing the parties moving to short term rental properties and with them, the problems. Recent months have seen an average of 47% increase in YoY noise events - levels of noise loud enough to bother neighbors and indicative of activity that frequently leads to damage.

WiFi That Collects Powerful Guest Data

Ryland Nelson from FernieDirect will be speaking with Arthur Colker about how StayFi makes it easy to manage vacation rental WiFi and collect guest emails through custom branded splash pages.

Learn More About StayFi

StayFi is vacation rental WiFi that collects valuable guest data. StayFi makes it easy to brand WiFi, collect guest emails, and increase direct bookings – all while providing a better WiFi experience for guests.

There are no monthly costs for your first property with StayFi. Go to and try creating your own custom branded WiFi splash page.

Day 1 Closing Session

Day 2 Opening Session 

Miss a session from yesterday? No need to sweat. Simon and Michael will be re-capping their key takeaways, discussing what's to come, and answering your questions!

Building a Risk Management Strategy that embraces the multi-channel environment

A discussion about the importance of having a multifaceted approach to Risk Management. Many PMs have chosen to embrace the multi-channel world seeking higher occupancy and company performance, but with each OTA/Booking channel having their own T&Cs and refund policies, so it’s never been more important to take control of Risk Management, creating a strategy that works for your business to ensure they you don’t get caught out.

Parker will talk about building Oasis Collections and the attitudes to Risk in the industry when he launched vs today and predictions for the future - the importance of implementing new tools to help make bookings safer and provide confidence to use a greater spread of OTAs and platforms.

As is typical in this year's upheaval caused by the biggest health crisis of our lifetime, they will the challenges of operating in 2020 and what PMs can do to mitigate the increased risks of ‘party bookings’ that has become so prominent during this crisis.

Learn More About GuardHog

GUARDHOG Technologies is a data-driven intelligence and risk management marketplace focused on insurance, trust, safety, and security in the short-term rentals sector. GUARDHOG works with private hosts and businesses across the P2P accommodation industry, providing cost-effective and innovative insurance solutions to suit individual and business needs. Their product,SUPERHOG, is their global risk management platform providing unique real-time information on properties, hosts, and guests within the short-term rental sector, focusing identification, certification and screening solutions that prevent short-term rental incidents happening in the first place.

Distribution Across Multiple OTA’s to Maximize Revenue

We will learn how Marco Island Vacation Rentals returned revenue on rentals through COVID-19 with a diverse distribution strategy across multiple OTA’s.

Learn More About BookingPal

BookingPal provides the industry’s leading channel management technology to both property managers and property management softwares.

Professionalizing Property Care to Accommodate Shifting Guest Persona

In this session Breezeway’s Adam Norko will sit down with industry leader Laik LePera of Village Realty to discuss the property care strategies that management companies have deployed to best operate in today’s vacation rental climate. Participants will hear about the challenges and associated best practices as it relates to housekeeping protocols, quality assurance programs, proactive communication with guests, showcasing value of work to owners, and more.

Learn More About Breezeway

Detailed property care and preparation is more important now than ever. Operators are tasked with fluidly scheduling internal staff and service partners, tracking property details and events, coordinating work over multiple locations and unique properties, and monitoring compliance with internal service standards. Meeting these standards requires significant investment in budget, people, and time, but there is no guarantee that work won’t fall through the cracks.

Breezeway's property care and operations platform solves these challenges, and helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work at properties, and deliver the best service experience. Breezeway’s software and mobile apps have facilitated over 2M property tasks across 80+ million square feet, and help hundreds of short-term rental operators, long-term residential managers, service providers, and other hospitality professionals meet detailed service standards.

The Power of Connection

Staying connected is more important than it's ever been. This panel's speakers are the pros and facilitate connection through advocacy, an industry podcast and morning show, the first and only social network for the short-term rental industry, and the first Good Neighbor Summit.